iPad Gambling FAQs

Over here we will answer the most frequently asked questions associated with iPad gambling. Installations, data security, games – all the basic issues affiliated with iPad gambling shall be addressed.

Is iPad Gambling safe?

Provided that you sign up with a reputable operator that uses casino software provided by an equally reputable software producer, you have nothing to worry about. There are various gambling forums that will blast any iPad casino not providing a safe gaming environment. Here at iPadCasino.com.au we only endorse operators that provide services that are above the board and in line with the required regulatory practices. Our iPad casinos rely on software produced by companies such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech. These developers build their apps with encryption data therein. In essence, signing up with an operator making use of high quality software will ensure your safety while playing.

Are iPad Casino Games on par with PC ones?

In terms of the amount of games available – no. Online casinos or PC casino games number much higher than what’s available for iPad gambling. This means that when it comes to your choices, but purely by numbers, the PC is superior. As far as the games themselves go, there are little to no differences. The type of differences you could encounter will be based around the amount of buttons a game will have, which usually comes down to a simplified user interface. But insofar as graphics, sounds and payout opportunities are concerned, there is no difference.

Can I use an existing account?

If you’re already a member at the PC or online casino version of the establishment, then yes, your existing account credentials can be used to enjoy the iPad gambling division.

Do I need to download the games?

iPad gambling refers specifically to using an iOS powered device, or one made by Apple. All the games built for iOS users use HTML5 technology which means that the games are built for browser-based playing. So, if you’re using an iPad or iPhone, you’ll be able to play the casino games without having to download them. The games can also be downloaded as native apps and this in turn can facilitate a smoother running gaming experience.

What games can I play for real cash?

Everything from pokies to blackjack, roulette to video poker down to progressive jackpot games can be played. Within these gaming categories are more games and you can play them all for real cash.

Is it easy to open an account?

It is tremendously easy, involves no more than 3 steps and con be done via email, a text message or a QR code.