A Great Blue Experience

Playtech have gone the extra mile this time to develop an iPad casino game that is designed to be enjoyed at a slower more relaxing pace but with a jackpot amount to rival most other iPad pokies games. Instead of creating a theme that throws images of money at you constantly, Playtech pokies have unveiled the Great Blue pokies, a game that instead presents one with images of underwater creatures, a lovely undersea sound track that sooths the soul and a whole host of gameplay features to enjoy at our own pace.

Playtech Pokies at their best

Great Blue pokies is a 5 reel non-progressive video pokies game that is designed with 25 pay lines in mind and a maximum bet amount of 250 coins. The scatter symbols are represented by pink underwater shells and activate for the player - the free spins feature. Three or more scatters will give you 8 free spins and a 2X multiplier while 5 shells can give up to 33 free spins and a 15X multiplier.

The wild symbol comes in the form of Orca the Killer whale and 5 of these symbols can pay out up to 100,000 coins at maximum bet. The real draw here though is the ability to get a possible full screen of wild symbols bringing the jackpot amount up to a phenomenal 2,500,000 coins!

What more could you want in an iPad casino game?

Relax with your iPad in hand

It’s quite likely that you don’t have to be told how awesome the iPad really is. We use our iPads on a daily basis for a myriad of tasks and entertainment. Just try and remember what you did before without your iPad and you will have an idea of just how much it has added to your life. But most of all the iPad has added the ability to play Playtech pokies games while on the go. And what better platform could you ask for to play mobile pokies on? The iPad offers graphic fidelity that no other tablet has, it sports a massive multi-touch screen and plays host to a multitude of other features to bedazzle and amuse.