Playtech Presents: Iron Man

Of all the software developers, the one that partnered with Marvel will naturally bring the best Iron Man pokies game for you to play on your iPad casino. There are a number of great Playtech pokies from which to choose, but Iron Man without a doubt stands out from the rest. Iron Man pokies follows the theme of Marvel superhero Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr. in the movies) and all the symbols and graphics that surround the game are all sanctioned character art from Marvel giving the game a genuine high class feel.

Iron Man is legend

As with most Playtech pokies games, Iron Man plays on 5 video reels and offers the player a chance at betting on anything up to 20 pay lines with 38 possible winning combinations all in all. The missile attack bonus is the most fun bonus feature, activated by getting 3 or more Iron Man logo symbols. You begin suited up as Iron Man following a plane that is trying to shoot missiles at the city and it is your job to use your suit’s weaponry to shoot down the missiles before they do any damage to the civilian population. Each missile you successfully stop awards you with cash prizes, multipliers and free spins.

As far as iPad casino games goes, Iron Man pokies has a fun factor going straight into the red, not to mention the fact that its progressive jackpot is one of the biggest online!

Apple’s technology

When you are looking both at today’s society and at the Iron Man movies, one very specific theme comes to mind – technology. We as a culture value technology and have embraced its evolution and progression. There is not a piece of decent technology that we have not lapped up and asked for more, the iPhone was testament to this as was the iPad when it was released in early 2010. The iPad is so filled with features, suffice to say it can do just about anything, but the thing we are most interested in here is its ability to play our favourite pokies games.