Painting your Lucky Lady on the side

During World War 2, many pilots painted images on the side of the planes to bring them luck, most often it was a picture of a beautiful woman and this was later dubbed the Lucky Lady. It is after this that the Cryptologic pokies game called Lucky Lady is fashioned, taking on the theme of World War 2 and the dog fighting planes of old and incorporating them into the graphics of this beautiful iPad pokies game.

Expect to see many symbols on the reels of Lucky Lady pokies along with World War II fighter planes, bombs, bombers, pilots’ hats, and navigational gauges. Cryptologic has gone to great lengths to embody the theme of the mid twentieth century history.

Lucky Lady intricacies

Lucky Lady pokies is a 5 reel iPad pokies game that supports 9 pay lines and a non-progressive jackpot. While the jackpot is a little lower than usual, it is fair to say you can win it twice as often as with Lucky Lady your winning combinations can run from left to right and right to left. This is a unique feature in Lucky Lady, something you won’t find anywhere else and brings a whole new level of gameplay to this Cryptologic pokies game.

There is nothing about this game that doesn’t make you want to play more, everything is so beautifully crafted and runs so well on the iPad that the game can become very addictive and enjoyable. Lucky Lady pokies comes highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a good game of iPad pokies.

An iPad for a pilot

There are many different tablets to choose form in the market today, and the best one is usually a highly debated topic, but if you ask me, the one to go for is most certainly the one that pioneered the technology.

The iPad is a fascinating tool if you look at it carefully, bringing us the ability to browse the internet, it takes photos, records videos plays music and even games. It does all of this while we are on the move, a mobile tool for the modern person.