Reel Thunder iPad Pokies App

Biking and the open road takes on a whole new meaning in the Reel Thunder iPad Pokies app, another great creation from Microgaming and one now enjoying new life as an iPad casino game. This one comes with real road hogs, as in the actual characters in the game are pigs, playfully animated of course. Decked out in leather jackets and reminiscent of the hell’s angels squad, these road hogs mean to provide players with the type of winning possibilities that could lead to a jackpot prize as high as 10 000 coins. The themes of this mobile pokies app are littered with your classical American ones such as the open road, speeding, engine power, and of course, greasy fast foods. It’s all done in good taste to provide a game that is both fun and entertaining.

Reel Winning Features

The Reel Thunder iPad Pokies app will go to work on all manner of smartphones and tablets to give players that much needed mobile gaming experience. You’ll be pleased to know that this game can be enjoyed as a singular app on your mobile device by means of a simple download procedure. Alternately you can also play Reel Thunder through your device’s browser. It’s all about accommodating the needs of the player. Whichever way you choose to do it, you’ll be able to enjoy this potentially lucrative game.

Reel Thunder iPad Pokies sports 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 paylines, not that much by today’s standards, but that doesn’t make it any less of a game with good winning possibilities. Helping players to speed along to good cash-wielding possibilities are the usual suspects of features including Wilds and Scatters. The Wild symbol is represented by a shocking pink heart placed in the centre of two exhaust pipes with gold wings sprouting out from both sides. This symbol is active on reels 2, 3 and 4 so be sure to monitor those reels for it. 

The Scatter symbol is represented by a V-twin engine, typical of the bikes driven by the road hogs in this game. This Scatter symbol will multiply your win by the total number of credits staked. The rest of the imagery of this colourful mobile pokies app consists of beers, hotdogs, bacon and eggs, pancakes and syrup and chilli and cheese – yummy!

Closing Thoughts

The Reel Thunder iPad Pokies app provides the same gaming experience as its online parent. While the game isn’t anywhere near as advanced as the modern titles like Dragon’s Myth or Jurassic Park™, it still makes up with its fun theme and lucrative chances. If you’re looking to play a pokies app that isn’t going to challenge you on any level and that’s just there to do its job of providing light and fluffy entertainment while giving you the tools to work towards its 10 000 coin jackpot, then this the game to play!